Our Clients

C-SuiteCXO’s, board of directors, managing directors, candidates for C-Suite positions.

PartnershipsDoctors, Lawyers, Healthcare Practitioners, Entrepreneurs.

Managers / Direct ReportsSenior Managers and all personnel directly reporting to the C-Suite.

Analysts / TechniciansProfessionals who are left brain dominant:  highly logical but socially or emotionally unaware or challenged.

Personal ClientsIndividuals, couples, and families that have personal needs and aspirations.


Our Services

Conflict Resolution: Unresolved conflict is sucking the life out of productivity & profit. 95% who received conflict resolution training said it was the biggest driver of their success.

Emotional Intelligence: Studies have shown that people with average intelligence outperform people with the highest levels of intelligence the majority of the time – ever wonder why?.

Influential Leadership: When leaders lead through relationship and not authority, they tap into primal emotions that create fierce loyalty.

Business Retreats: Does your top team need a fresh perspective?     This 1,2, or 3 day experience is a game changer.



Joel’s ability to develop emotional intelligence with our engineers and managers has been superb. Through a process of guided examination and insightful conversation, his use of industry standard content and a clear process has produced visible change in our company culture. With Joel’s collaboration, our engineers are communicating better, our teams are bonding, and work has less drama and more joy. I would highly recommend Joel to any manager, director or executive who is interested in using  social & emotional intelligence as a means to improve internal and external collaboration and relationships.

Michael Kemps, CEO

“One of Joel’s key strengths is his diverse background, which enables him to rapidly connect and relate with people. This was certainly the case with me and he wasted no time getting our relationship to a level where he was able to offer on-point thoughts on all aspects of my personal and professional life. The accuracy of his insights and his ability to call me out on my own” stories” rapidly escalated each session. He also purposefully created a structure for my program that worked with my style of learning. This greatly improved my ability to make and sustain change. I highly recommend Joel Landi.”

Michael A. Smith, Founder & COO

“Joel & I quickly became friends and thinking partners as we discussed solutions for high stakes business relationships that had gone south. Joel’s ability to create a position of strength in compromised and potentially damaging business interactions is superb. He was also able to speak into very personal matters with clarity & insight without being judgmental. He is a highly valuable source of wisdom, a secret weapon, and a tactical ally in creating diplomacy in sticky situations.”

Paul Clayton, Managing Partner

“There is a lot of positive buzz surrounding Joel Landi and his company, The Performance Group — all rightly earned. I experienced his life-changing approach first-hand on a racetrack, surrounded by other high achieving, like-minded professionals.  At 6’7”, 265 pounds, hurdle number one was just fitting into the Formula 1 car!  In his approach, Joel links your performance to bioscience and real-time data to show you what you are doing and how to improve.  In that “aha” moment, I went from the guy who finished last to competing with the veterans at the top of the lap time standings.  Joel made that experience and transformation possible. Joel is that dynamic.  His methods are that powerful.  Don’t miss it.”

Daniel J. Klier, Esquire

“I hired The Performance Group to take my real estate company to the next level.  Joel’s coaching and insight provided a clear, strategic roadmap that helped me remove personal mental obstacles where I now serve 30% more clients and with twice the customer attention and service, becoming all that I can be!  He was also able to create success in targeted areas of my personal and family life.  My company is now flourishing.  Joel and TPG exceeded my expectations.I am indebted to his wisdom and counsel.  I highly recommend Joel and his company to anyone who wants to take their company (or themselves) to the next level of performance and achievement.”

Brent Hammond, CEO


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